Saving Facebook Posts – The Best Way to Consume Content

ICYMI, Facebook has a helpful feature for saving interesting articles and videos that you want to review later. Chances are, there are times when you see a news article, video, recipe, or blog post that you’d love to read but don’t have time right then. While you can share something to your wall for later reference, do you really want to share and promote something that you haven’t read, let alone tried? With the save feature, you can pull up everything when you find some spare time and start browsing.

Here is how it works. When you see a post that you’d like to reference later, you merely click (or tap) on the upper right-hand icon to access the menu and select “Save link.” (See the post’s featured image above). When you find a little free time and want to go back to the content, click on the “Saved” link in the left-hand sidebar of your FB feed.

Saved Side Bar

This links you to a page that includes all saved content that can be searched, read, deleted, and archived.

Saved Page

The Saved feature is a great tool for saving and organizing Facebook content. For additional information on how this feature works, you can visit Facebook’s Help Center.