Ice, Ice, Baby – Mess-Free Watering for Indoor Plants

Watering house plants can be messy, and keeping the soil evenly moist is nearly impossible. Try watering your plants with ice cubes instead. As the ice melts, the water slowly moistens the soil, and it is difficult to overwater. I highly recommend this method for small plants like orchids and succulents, but you can also use it for large house plants too.

DO: Make sure that you put enough ice in the pot to thoroughly dampen the soil down to the roots. If not, add more. If water leaks out the bottom of the pot, add less next time.

DON’T: Use ice water because the cold water can shock a plant’s roots. Ice cubes, on the other hand, melt slowly and warm up before it reaches the roots. Or, at least, that is what my soil thermometer showed. Although some people argue that ice will also shock the roots, I’ve been watering plants with ice for three years, and I’ve never had one suffer as a result.

So, go ahead and green up your home with some plants and bring in the tropical plants for the winter. Mess free!

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