Get Your Morning Groove On with The Skimm – Quick and Clever Daily News Highlights

Whether you are a news junkie – looking in the mirror – or just want a quick low down on major world events, The Skimm’s free daily email is a clever, quick read. Monday through Friday, you get a summary of several of the most important stories in the news right in your Inbox, with a touch of quirky commentary. Even better, if you want to dig deeper, you can click through to The Skimm’s website, where they thoroughly break down the “big stuff” in their Skimm Guides. And, if you find that you just love it, you can also subscribe (for $ 0.99 a month) to The Skimm calendar, which seamlessly populates your mobile calendar with mostly good-to-know events.

Give it a try – you’ll feel hip. And, if you sign up for The Skimm’s  daily e-mail here – you can help make me a Skimmbassador. Show the love!

This article contains an affiliate link which may result in Scattered Branches receiving a small fee, a free product, or some other benefit – at no additional cost to you.


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