Lend a Hand to Those Who Are Homeless

While there are many different and worthy ways to help those who don’t have secure housing (and I encourage you to pursue as many as possible), here are a few ways to make a few dollars go far towards helping others in need and knowing you are providing value.

Prepare Individual Care Packages

Pre-assemble care packages that include helpful items like beef jerky, dried fruits, new socks, baby wipes, hat and gloves, travel size toiletries (save them up from your hotel stays), and grocery or drug store gift cards. These packages can either be distributed by you, if you frequent an area where homeless seek help, or delivered to your local homeless shelters, church outreach programs, and other non-profit organizations. Note that you should avoid products with alcohol like mouthwash and hand sanitizer. Also, if you package food and toiletry items together seal them off in separate bags or containers.

Donate to Your Local Shelter, Food Bank, etc.

If you can find the right non-profit, it is amazing how far they can stretch your dollar to make a large impact. Well run organizations use their donations effectively, and they know what their clients need and where to get the best deals. Just do your research – whether by checking on Give.org or another charity rating service, or by relying on word of mouth from trusted friends.

Support Get One – Give One Products

Several products offer a “Buy One – Donate One” or “Get One – Give One” program benefitting a number of causes. Two products that specifically benefit those who are homeless or struggling in the United States are Bombas and STATE.

Bombas Socks: Buy a pair of awesome socks, and Bombas donates an even more awesome pair of socks that is distributed through one of 300 distribution stations across the country. As of February 2017, over 2 million pairs of socks have been donated through Bombas. I ordered several pairs for the family as stocking stuffers, and we all agree. These. Socks. Are. The. Bomb! Read more about the Bombas Story. #BeeGood

STATE Bags : Next time you need a backpack, tote, or other type of bag, check out STATE. For every bag purchased, they hand-deliver a backpack – full of supplies – to a student in need. Started by a couple in New York who are clearly making an impact on the community. Read more about the STATE Story. #GiveBackPack


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