Yep – We Use Big Kid Sippy Cups

Confession: I’ve traded in almost all of my glassware for Tervis Tumblers with lids. Here’s the thing – as my kids grew older, I longed for the days of sippy cups where, if either they or the cat, knocked the cup over, just a small amount would leak out. Also, my husband has a magical ability to break any glass that remotely crosses his path. So, while I wanted to pretend I was a grown-up, I was done.

In came Tervis Tumblers, which are American made, BPA free, and nearly impossible to break. As long as the lid is on, even if it is open, liquid will merely leak, rather than pour. Plus, the cups keep cold stuff cold and hot stuff hot. They also come in different sizes with a lot of cool designs. And, you can contact Tervis directly to have a cup made with your own custom design.

Keep a few wine and beer glasses on hand, but, otherwise, it’s okay to be practical rather than classy – really!

This article contains an affiliate link which may result in Scattered Branches receiving a small fee, a free product, or some other benefit – at no additional cost to you.

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