It’s Time to Start Your Vegetable Garden – In February

If you wait until after the last frost to think about your vegetable garden, think again. You can start seeds now – in a mini greenhouse or indoors – and stop spending as much on a plant as it would cost you to buy the produce yield from the grocery store. Although many seeds like lettuce and spinach are best sown directly in the ground, many can be started in seed starter kits and transplanted to the ground when the threat of frost has passed.

Here’s what you need to start your vegetables and herbs from seeds.

  • A good seed starter kit. You only want to plant 1-5 seeds per pod so plan for volume accordingly.
  • Vegetable and herb seeds. There are so many to choose from. I usually go for the variety package deals and then share the leftovers with friends. Make sure to read the planting directions to determine whether they are better sown in pots or the ground and/or do your internet research on the specific plant.
  • A nice sunny warm spot. If you have space inside your home, that will work. Otherwise, consider a small greenhouse. (We have this one – it’s great but you need to keep the bottom weighted down or it will blow over in high wind.)
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And here’s how to start growing them.

  • Do NOT let your growing seeds get overheated. Especially if you keep your seedlings in a mini greenhouse, make sure it is properly vented and getting fresh air whenever the temperature is about 50 degrees or so. Also, if it drops below 40 degrees, make sure it is insulated.
  • Keep your seeds evenly damp but do not drench them. One of the big benefits of starting seeds indoors or in a mini greenhouse is that you can control the amount of water. The seed pots should be lightly watered once a day (they dry out fast), but they should not be subject to a heavy drenching.

Now, just sit back and wait while your seeds sprout and you get a head start on your spring garden. I’ll update you as our seeds progress.

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