Green Grocery Bags – The Junk in my Trunk

I finally got into the habit of always bringing reusable bags to the grocery store, and even went a couple of steps further. I’ll admit, it took awhile to get down a system that worked, but, after several trips to the store where I kicked myself for leaving my bags in the trunk, I eventually got there. If you aren’t there already, keep working on making it happen. One key trick, in my opinion – using bags that bring you joy, either because of their design or practicality.

My trunk stash includes (and keep in mind that I live in suburbia – or something like that):

– 5 or 6 of these super practical, roomy, and sturdy collapsible boxes. I can’t say enough good things about these. They will hold a ton of groceries, are easy to carry, and don’t tip over when full in the back of your car.

– 2-3 more traditional bags that are great for super-quick trips to the store. I love these because they are fun, but, better yet, they are made from recycled water bottles. Win/win. They are strong and withstand some abuse, although they aren’t quite as sturdy as the collapsible bags.

– Several mesh produce bags. Not only do I use these to put produce in at the store, I leave the produce in the bags when storing them in the fridge.

– An insulated bag in case I want to purchase ice cream and then meet up with a friend for lunch. 🙂

– A wine bag because, well… you know.

– The plastic bags that Doc, my husband, brings home because even though I’ve stocked his truck with all he needs, he never remembers to bring in the reusable bags. Might as well take them back to be recycled.

– And a travel coffee mug because there is a Starbucks in my local grocery store and it is super hard to resist.

If you are more of an urban grocery shopper, check out these bags that roll up in small packages.

Either way, set yourself up with some reusable grocery bags and pat yourself on the back every time you remember to use them when you shop! Do you have reusable bags that bring you joy? If so, please share.




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