An Effective All-Natural Weed Killer

Spring brings many great things to a gardener’s life, but weeds are not one of them. Here in Georgia, the chickweed, spurge, and annual bluegrass are popping up all over the place. While a little hand pulling will be required for weeds that are growing right next to other plants, my job became much easier once I started spraying weeds with a mixture of vinegar, Epsom salt, and all-natural dish soap.

I tend to go big and mix 2-3 gallons at a time in a backpack sprayer, but if you have fewer weeds to kill, you can adjust the quantities and mix it up in a small spray bottle. Here’s the basics for 1 gallon – and you can be pretty flexible here; I eyeball the Epsom salt and soap.

1 gallon apple cider or white vinegar (I buy mine CHEAP at the grocery store but you can order more concentrated versions online – See below.)

1/3 cup Epsom salt (I buy this in bulk because I use it for all sorts of different things.)

2 tbsp. Puracy dish soap ( Most online recipes recommend Dawn, but I noticed no difference using Puracy, which is all natural and donates a portion or proceeds to charity.)

Spray directly on weeds, preferably mid-morning on a hot, sunny day.

A couple of things to note: Some people purchase a vinegar that is more-concentrated (e.g. 10%) than what you can buy at the grocery store. Perhaps my weeds are easier to kill, but the 3-5% I can buy by the gallon at the store is effective for me. Some people also substitute Kosher salt for Epsom salt. I’ll admit I’ve done this, but it isn’t a good idea because table salt can deplete your soil of nutrients. Epsom salt, on the other hand, is a fertilizer.

I’ve been using this natural weed killer for the past two or three years in lieu of commercial sprays, and I have absolutely no complaints. In fact, for some weeds, I find this natural spray to be more effective. And, better yet, I’m doing my little part to Save the Bees.

Have you tried this natural weed killer, and do you have any tips or comments to share?

NOTE: If you click on the links in this post to Amazon and make a purchase, Scattered Branches will make a small referral fee at no extra cost to you. Thank you!


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