About Scattered Branches

Word Cloud TreeBranch Yourself Out.

Scattered Branches delivers ideas and inspiration for doing and finding good in every day life. It’s about the small choices we make, and the way we spend our time, energy, and money. Although we all juggle competing priorities and various circumstances, most of us are seeking ways to simplify or improve our personal lives and to impact our community whether locally or globally.

Scattered Branches serves as some food for thought. After all, regardless of our roots, our branches are always reaching towards the sun.

Go out on a limb and make your mark.

Tiffany B. Potter – The Blogger 

I fancy myself a problem solver. I’m just a tiny speck on the planet, but my life is full and I try to make a small difference. I like to think about things optimistically.

I have worked, at least briefly, in the government, non-profit, and private sectors. I have practiced law, published content, copy-edited, and managed products and services. I’m married to “Doc” (a veterinarian), and we are raising two teenagers in Northeast Georgia.

ScatteredBranches.com is part of my quest to shape the various branches of my life – little by little. It is me being more thoughtful (and that is a relative term) in how I can become more knowledgeable, inspired, and active – if only in small ways.

Guest Bloggers

Yes, please! If you have an idea to pitch for an article, please reach out so we can chat about whether it is a good fit for Scattered Branches. If you have content already published on the web that you’d like me to share, please send an email rather than pasting a web address in a comment.


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