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The Equal Rights Amendment Gets New Life 45 Years after Passed by Congress

On March 22, 1972, the U.S. Congress passed the Equal Rights Amendment to specifically protect citizens based on gender, which then moved to the states for ratification. After a ten-year deadline, which many argue was arbitrarily imposed and irrelevant, the ratification process was still three states short. (It takes 3/4 of the states to ratify a constitutional amendment.) Nevertheless, advocates

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The Buzz about Bees and How You Can Help Save Them

Bees are in trouble and, consequently, so is our food supply and the biodiversity within our eco-systems. Bees: The Problem, Potential Causes, and Response In 2006, beekeepers began reporting a larger than normal loss of bees. This trend, known as Colony Collapse Disorder, remains a problem. In fact, reports indicate that more than half of the honey bee population was

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In Memory of my Grandmother – “Bathing in Applesauce”

First thought to pop in my head when thinking about International Women’s Day – Margueritte – who insisted that we call her that because she was way too young to be a grandmother. She embodied the definition of a “helper,” a term she frequently used, and she led by example. She fed her extended family, friends, and neighbors with goodness from

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